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Print Censor Enterprise 5.42.197
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Print Censor Enterprise 5.42.197

Language:English, Arabic, Armenian, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian, Spanish
Platform:Vista, Windows, Mobile
Requirements:A standard Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Install:Install and Uninstall
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Publisher's Description:

Print Censor Enterprise - As trivial and habitual as it may be, printing can become a significant part of a company's overhead if a large number of printing devices are used inefficiently or for purposes other than those directly pertaining to employees' tasks. Centralized monitoring of printers and their performance can be anything but a simple task, especially if the corporate network is deployed across several standalone buildings and direct control is technically and economically inefficient. This is exactly when Print Censor Enterprise from UsefulSoft comes into play to resolve these issues.

Print Censor Enterprise is a compact and easy-to-use solution intended for network printer management and monitoring. It keeps a full track of all print jobs by a set of criteria: user and computer names, document title and size, printing timestamp, number of pages and their copies, job priority, paper size, printing mode (color or black and white), whether it was a duplex printing or not and the estimated print job cost. But the capabilities of Print Censor Enterprise are by no means limited to monitoring. In essence, this application is a powerful printing management solution. It allows you to set printing restrictions and quotas for devices, users and groups of users, view the contents of the completed print jobs (screenshots in BMP, JPG and EMF formats). If printing costs for a specific device are relatively high, you can specify the cost limit for this device or configure a filter that will prevent certain job types from being performed (the blocked jobs can be later unblocked by the administrator). Yet another unique feature of the program is the ability to manually reassign or copy printing jobs from one printer to another (even if you don't have the program installed on the destination computers), which can be extremely handy if a printer fails or runs out of paper.

Make sure you don't miss Print Censor Enterprise and it won't miss a single print job in your company!

List of Changes:

Version 5.42.197 from 2012-09-24

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Version 5.41.195 from 2012-04-23

Improved page count and copies determination for:
- HP and Konica Minolta Host Based printers for remote connections (ZjStream)
- HP and Konica Minolta Host Based printers (ZIMF).
- Canon Host Based printers (CAPT).
Added Upgrade server command for remote print servers.

Version 5.30.193 from 2012-03-15

Improved page count and copies determination for several HP and Kyosera PCL printers.
Improved work with printer folders.
Fixed updating of printers list when adding a new printer.
Fixed "Save as..." print job command for Windows 7 64 bit.
Fixed connection to the servers for Windows 7.

Version 5.30.191 from 2012-02-14

Added full support for Windows Cluster 2008/2003/2000
Improved pausing options. Now you can setup Resume and Delete options separately.
This is can be useful to delete print jobs after some time if printer has error.
Improved the "Printer Web Page" command for several printers.

Version 5.21.180 from 2010-11-29

Now you can change number of decimal digits for cost up to 3.
Added Greek translation.
Improved page count determination for several printers.
Improved stability.
Fixed several bugs.

Version 5.20.174 from 2009-06-22

Improved messages format by email and Print Informer.
Now you can use %user, %printer, %computer and %status variables.
Fixed informing by email.

Version 5.20.173 from 2009-04-15

[+] Added support of nested groups for print restrictions.
[+] Added notifications by email about restrictions.
[+] Added notifications for managers about restrictions.
[+] Now it is possible to use emails for users from Active Directory.
[+] Now you can limit the printing of duplicate documents.

Version 5.18.172 from 2009-03-16

Improved Printer Color status determination.
Fixed reports by Ports.
Fixed sorting for Ports and Content on the Reports page.

Version 5.16.170 from 2009-01-27

[*] Now it is work with Windows 7.
[*] Improved registration for Windows Vista with UAC.
Queue page:
[*] Fixed commands "Open as Text..." and "External Viewer..." for print jobs.
[*] Fixed quotas and restrictions for groups.
[*] Fixed uninstall.

Version 5.14.169 from 2008-11-18

Queue page:
Fixed Advanced options from context menu for print jobs.
Resources page:
Added print processors.
Now you can see count of Ports, Drivers, Forms, Monitors and Processors.

Version 5.12.168 from 2008-10-13

New licensing. Now the Print Censor Enterprise is licensed by count of printers.
Redesigned lockout. Now you can set restrictions per user. Also you can allow some users control other users.
New lockout option for print jobs preview in print queue.

Version 5.0.158 from 2007-10-12

Page cost determination based on paper size. You can set different costs for different paper formats.
Automatic determination of black&white printers.
Added "Autentication" option for print jobs. Now you can select several options for print jobs verification by user.
Added new reports.


Know all printouts in your enterprise.

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File Size: 4.8 Mb
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